As part of The Conservation Foundation's development of its work supporting churchyard trees, we're keen to hear your experiences. We hope to gather your thoughts on any work, big or small, that you have undertaken with churchyard trees.
This survey consists of 6 questions. Your responses will not be shared with the Church of England without written consent.
What is your role?

For example, church warden, DEO, etc
Please describe the work you have undertaken with churchyard trees.

For example, undertaking or commissioning maintenance work, or planting trees.
Where did the work take place?

Please include the location, such as the name of the church and county or town, or the region if it involved multiple locations.
What problems or issues, if any, did you encounter when undertaking this work?

For example, difficulty finding advice or dealing with administrative processes.
Did you receive help with the work and if so, who from?

For example, help from parishioners, or advice from an expert or organisation.
If you are happy for us to contact you for more information, please add your name and email address.

We will not share your contact details with anyone else. They will only be used by The Conservation Foundation as part of the survey.
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